Fall has arrived!

Fall is my Favorite time at our Rowe Pottery store.  The colors of fall blend perfectly with the rustic glazes of our handcrafted pottery.  We love to show our customers how the many  color themes of the season can be used, and the many uses for each piece they may purchase.  From our Pie Plates that bake the perfect apple pie, to our bakers for your favorite pasta dish to our beautiful serving pieces.  Your kitchen is sure to experience a fall boost with handcrafted Rowe Pottery.  If you live close, Put Rowe Pottery on your list of places to visit this fall, it’s our favorite time of year and your sure to uncover some terrific finds!

Fall 2018 Collage


It’s Fall!

As the weather cools down I get excited to turn to my favorite things for this season; light sweaters, a cozy hoodie, crisp apples and a good candle.  A good candle instantly makes you feel warm and cozy.  It’s so simple, but it makes a house feel like a home.  Our pumpkin crock candle from Rowe Pottery is a perfect addition to your fall home.  I am in love with the Pumpkin Spice scent from Lake Life Candles.  This has been such a fun partnership to take our handcrafted crocks and fill them with a locally based soy candle. Best part is, when the fall season is over and you candle has burned down you have a cute pumpkin crock to display.  No waste! Pumpkin Candle Crock Home

We’ve Opened!

During the hustle and bustle of the consolidation of our two locations into one, my posts became scarce…I never knew quite how difficult it would be to actually move all of the equipment, and inventory after the building was ready.  I have included a few photos of our large reduction gas kiln being lifted onto a flat bed semi truck and being carted up the street and reinstalled at our new location.  This was quite a process…. taking several hours just for the transport and several days for the electrical and gas lines to be taken a part, maps drawn and put back together.  This piece of equipment is the cornerstone of our business and we are thankful the process was flawless.  We are fully operational at 110 East Main Street in Cambridge WI and we would LOVE for you to stop by.  We offer you the opportunity to stroll our retail store and studios to see the pottery making process in action.



Shiplap….a word that Joanna Gaines has made people go crazy for, almost every “fixer upper” home has it…but what is shiplap? It is simply any wooden board joined together edge to edge, typically some type of barn board. Waco TX made traditional shiplap a household word, we have created our own Cambridge WI version with traditional potters boards applied to our new walls. Each board at one time was used during the production process, the potter’s throw the piece on their wheel then transfer the piece to a potter’s board for drying. The fun of these walls is they tell a story as you see the circles of the different pieces that they were used for! Our new location is starting to come together and this is just one piece of the fun!

Potter Board Wall View from outside


I prepared to write our next journal post I began to think about many different experiences I have had within both my personal and professional life…. the word challenge came to mind and what I found most interesting was that the word in different context can take on very different meanings…. In 2007 my family was challenged with the loss of my husband and my three small children were left without a father after he  was diagnosed with a terminal cancerous brain tumor, over the next few years I faced many challenges as a single Mom, raising three children and reentering the workforce after staying home for several years, I needed to find the right job, one that would allow me to balance my career and home life.  The next challenge came when I purchased a struggling business and began the work of making it my own.  I found as I wrote this, I am in a new phase of my life…. one where I am now being Challenged; Challenged to be my best, take risks and try new things, this word has now become a positive in my life.  One of the people that has had the most significant impact on this new phase of “Being Challenged” is Marc, we are fortunate enough to be able to live and work together on a daily basis, he challenges me to think outside the box and take on new things.  When we were planning what the next steps for Rowe Pottery were he challenged me to “Think Big”, take on a project where both us and Rowe Pottery would make a significant impact on the small community where we work, Cambridge WI.  Out of this challenge came the purchase of our new property at 110 East Main Street.  He continues to challenge me on a daily basis, a small example of this is shown in the pictures below,  in order to take on the next step of our demolition project a large two story scaffolding had to be built, his strength was required to lift the scaffold components up to each new level which meant my strength (or lack there of) was needed to put the components together and build upward, my fear of heights got the best of me and my feet were unable to move during most of the process, but the challenge ended with success, scaffolding up and he was able to demo all the upper level windows. Now that I am so good with heights 🙂 I began the interior painting as well.  We are excited to continue to show our progress on our remodeling project…. the demolition is nearly complete and the buildout process nearly ready to begin.  Continue to check for updates as we push forward. Continue reading “Challenge”

Fall has Arrived….

2017 Fall Collage2

It’s hard to believe that there are only a few days left of summer… We moved my oldest daughter back into her college apartment this weekend, my youngest is at high school orientation today, and my middle son is a mentor for the incoming freshman.  Where has time gone??  I enter fall with mixed emotions as I love having my kids home for the summer, the care free mornings and evenings and enjoying our lake property, but it is also exciting to see the new things the kids have in store for them as school begins and I enjoy the thought of some sort of organization and scheduling.  As we move into fall our lives will become busy with sports, band and of course our building remodel…  Fall is the perfect time of year to clean out and organize…we will begin this at our current factory in the coming weeks, organizing our glaze room, mold room and equipment in an attempt to only move the essentials to our operation.  What a refreshing but overwhelming task!  Our artists are busy introducing new and fun fall product releases, and our retail store is full of new home décor.  Put Rowe Pottery on your list of places to visit this fall, it’s our favorite time of year and your sure to uncover some terrific finds!