Simply Home: Fall Gatherings

                It’s a lush time of year as our cozy village of Cambridge, Wisconsin, starts to settle into the rhythm of harvest time.  Tractors slowly troll the county roads moving from field to field to make the most of the waning daylight hours, festivals pop up celebrating sweet corn, pumpkins and mums.  We hear the cheers from the football field and enjoy the crisp breeze of fall bike rides and strolls through the changing landscape.  It’s a time to gather the crops and the people that we love most to honor the harvest and the abundance of the season.  It’s time for the pace to slow to a simmer.

Morning at the local Lake Ripley Preserve.

                Here at Rowe Pottery, however, we are hustling and bustling!  We have one foot in autumn and the other foot in holiday as we prelaunch our holiday line to our business partners and prepare to unveil it to our treasured collectors shortly.  We know that the debut of Santa each year is anticipated just like Christmas morning! 

                Celebrating the abundance of the season is something our pottery does naturally.  Stoneware and autumn seem to share the same pace.  From generous platters for holiday feasts to the perfect chip and dip for gameday entertaining, we’re ready to help set your table for the bounty.  It time to break out the loaf pans, quiche dishes and pie plates for the season, turn on the oven and get baking.  Our stoneware pie plates, loaf pans and quiche dishes promote even heat distribution for beautiful outcomes in your kitchen and clean up in a snap due to the interior glaze.  Plus, they are gorgeous for easy serving from oven to table. And, for those that enjoy a lovely hostess gift, here’s a tip from our owner Bev.  She leaves behind a Rowe Pottery loaf pan or dip baker with a favorite recipe or a spoon rest for simple cleanup as a thoughtful gesture. 

                And, then there are the pies!  We offer a pie plate in every single one of our collections because they are our favorite, and we know they will become yours too.  Once you’ve baked in a Rowe Pottery pie plate, it’s hard to grab any other pie plate.  We find ourselves cooking with Rowe Pottery pie plates when it comes to quiche, dips and even chocolate chip cookie dough. 

                We’ve got gameday covered, too.  Our chip and dip in Ridges and our mini charcuterie board are the perfect team for serving your sliders, charcuterie or (in Wisconsin) your cheese and sausage spread.  Toast kickoff with your favorite beverage in our cocktail glass, new hops beer stein or our Ridges highball glass.   Our pitchers keep your bloody Marys ice cold for your crowd. 

                We love how our collectors make memories with Rowe Pottery and we love to hear your stories.  Each piece, whether it is functional or commemorative, holds the story of its creation, and the pages of that story grow as you enjoy it in your home with your family.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Simply Home:  “Warming” your home for fall

The first chilly mornings remind us that a change is coming.  In Wisconsin, the soybeans are turning golden and the corn fields are moving to the silo.  Pumpkin patches are popping up and it’s time to make Thanksgiving plans.  Fall is upon us and we’re ready to simply return to the hearth and home for the gatherings, celebrations and season ahead.

As we transition our Company Store offerings from summer to fall, we think of it as a time of “warming,” using color, texture and new patterns.  If you’re like us, we’re craving all things pumpkin spiced right now so we’re using our capsule approach to decorating as a guide, and so can you.  Capsule decorating considers five basic areas when decorating for the season:  vessels, platters, lighting, crocks and tableware.  Autumn is the perfect time to touch on each area for a home décor update.

Crocks are stately by the door, filled with fall florals, sheaves of wheat or sticks and branches.  They can be used for functional storage in the kitchen or by the fireplace or simply decorative anywhere.  Consider a grouping of different heights for more impact.  This season, we recommend blending our liquid gold Wheat or Hops patterns with your ash glaze provincial favorites. Because our “liquid gold” glaze lands between ash and classic, it can bring your entire pottery collection together and act as a transition. Or, add cheerful pumpkin or sunflower in our lighter blue and gray if you are a classic collector.  Either way, your entry or hearth will be grounded and gorgeous for the entire season as stoneware naturally provides stability in your displays.  Finish your look with a couple of Rowe Pottery glazed pumpkins in our new Cider color for an accent.

Company’s coming, so let’s get ready for holiday celebrations with tableware, vessels and platters.  Mix our Farmhouse Ridges Denim Blue chip and dip or pitcher with your Classic or Provincial pottery to accentuate the decorator’s glaze.  Add an accent salad plate in one of our coordinating pottery lines with your current tableware to add energy to your table (ask any of our customer service specialists for ideas).  Consider a beautiful low centerpiece in our Provincial footed bowl or large Ridges salad bowl in blue or white.  Or, stack miniature pumpkins with acorns or pinecones on our Ridges charcuterie tray for a simple centerpiece.  If you like a taller shape for your fall floral arrangements, remember that our utensil jars in every line double as a beautiful vase.

Candles are an obvious lighting choice this time of year as a flame instantly warms the room.  We have a wide variety of handpoured clean soy candles that will give you 70 hours of burn in luscious seasonal scents to bring a multisensory experience to your home.  Stock up to have a ready selection of hostess gifts for friends and family.  Plus, when the candle is finished burning, you’ll have a 1.5 pint crock to enjoy any way you wish. 

If you’re seeking inspiration for color and texture, consider linens and accents. At our Company Store, Bev personally curates our accessory linens and florals to carefully complement our pottery.  This year, you’ll find beautiful modern soft rust shades, blues and golds. You’ll find loads of inspiration if you make a trip to visit us in downtown Cambridge.  Plus, we’d love to offer you a tour so you can see our handcrafted pottery process firsthand and meet some of our amazing artisans. 

Here’s to the fresh eyes and warm energy that a new season brings to our decorating choices.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook or Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Simply home: Pride in the Process

When collectors visit our Company Store here in Cambridge, Wisconsin, they enjoy touring our manufacturing facility and having a firsthand look at the process that transforms a raw lump of clay into a handcrafted piece of Rowe Pottery.  After a visit, visitors understand why we say that Rowe Pottery is “from our hands to your home.”  At least 14 sets of hands touch each piece of pottery as it works through our production studio from clay to completion.  We find there’s an appreciation these days for things that are locally sourced, handcrafted and require a little bit of patience.  That’s what we’re about here at Rowe Pottery.

The process begins when clay is supplied from our Wisconsin clay partner and makes its way to our facility in Cambridge.  Once it arrives, we unload it and prepare it for the potters.  Ric, John and Tanner handle the clay in a variety of ways during the greenware creation process, building shape, adding texture and details, creating handles and other finishing touches.  Whether a piece is created on the wheel, by slipcasting or by pressing, many hands are involved to transform a formless ball into a finished piece of greenware. 

As the greenware dries (which depends a bit on the weather), our glazing engineer, Glen, prepares the glaze formulas with precise alchemy. After each piece is trimmed by Tracy, the greenware is then either interior glazed by Vanessa or decorated by Lore and then finally glazed and ready for the kiln.  In the firing process, Marc and our crew touch each piece several times as it’s carefully placed into the kiln, fired at over 2000 degrees, cooled and removed for inspection.  Once our quality control team has approved each piece, the bottom is sanded to smooth the edges and it’s ready for our Company store or for packing, boxing and shipping by Bob and Colleen.  We usually get lots of lovely comments from our collectors when they receive their packaged pottery.  With the care we take to make each handcrafted piece, we want to be sure that it arrives to your home in great shape!

For us, sharing how our pottery is created and connecting with the hardworking artisans behind the process builds an appreciation for the handcrafted care that goes into each unique piece.  Each creation has unique attributes that speak to the creator and collector.  No two pieces of Rowe Pottery are exactly the same, and that’s just how we like it.  If you’re in the area, we’d be glad to hear your pottery stories and show you around our production studio.  A recent visitor from Ireland came in to order a custom crock to take back to his sweetheart.  He was able to meet our decorator personally and we loved hearing the story behind the image he selected for his custom piece.  Watching our pottery creations make collectors smile is a joy. For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instragram or explore our entire collection at   

Simply Home: Seasons of Change

The sounds, sights and smells of late August always inspire us here in Wisconsin.  The fields ripen, the corn is taller than the kids getting on the school bus and we are feeling the first hints of hustle and bustle here at Rowe Pottery as we fully launch our new Fall collection and prepare for the holiday season.  In case you’re wondering, we’re putting the finishing touches on our 2021 collectible Santa and he’ll be making his debut soon!

While we’re ready for cooler air, crisp apples and orchard visits, change can bring all kinds of feelings.  A couple of our staffers, including owners Marc and Bev are sending their youngest kiddos off to college this month.  Empty nesting is certainly a time of reflection and readjustment.  We’re also looking ahead to some staff retirements and the new folks who will take the Rowe Pottery legacy forward.  Because we’re a creative bunch, it’s about roots and wings around here.  While our roots run 46 years deep, fresh ideas inspire us forward as we develop and grow forward.

We often hear from collectors who are looking for legacy patterns or greenware shapes that we no longer make.  It’s normal to want to expand a collection over time or replace items when gravity wins the battle.  While we are often able to decorate a custom piece when you provide us with artwork, sometimes we are unable to match retired forms.  As time marches on, so do pottery styles.  It’s simply another season of change we’re invited to embrace. 

We see more and more collectors mixing their vintage Rowe Pottery with our more modern collections like Ridges in Drift White or new Farmhouse Denim.  It’s a breath of fresh air to see these eclectic collections dance together for a perfectly blended table setting or crock display.  Mixing your classic collections with modern styles brings a time-tested story to your capsule decorating and your home décor.

As Fall approaches, take a moment to consider how you can “warm your home” by embracing some new pieces.  Join us as we redecorate our Company Store to reflect the coming season with calm energy and positive anticipation.  Consider how your capsule pieces (crocks, tableware, vessels, lighting and platters) can prepare you for the next season filled with celebration and family time.  Do you love patterned pottery?  Add a wheat or hops theme with our new patterns to your front door or entry.  Add woven baskets and some sheaves of wheat for a harvest feel.  Our Fall collection and the new Wheat and Hops pattern are finished in our liquid gold glaze with a subtle amber tone, perfect for the coming season.

2021 Wheat Pattern

We’ve got loads of decorating ideas and home accessories for Fall along with Wisconsin-sourced food items to add to the bounty of your table as harvest season approaches.  Stop in and enjoy the changes with us.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Simply Home: Back to School

You can feel it in the air.  Kids are once again gathering their backpacks to head into the classroom.  While we love summertime when our staff expands with college students who willing to get some clay under their fingernails in our production facility or retail store, the seasons change and we move along.  Like our potter, Ric, says when you ask “how’s it going?” :  his response is always “round and round!”   This year, we’ll send Natalie, Brian, Jake and Derek off to school with best wishes once again as the weather cools and the days grow shorter.

Here at Rowe Pottery, our creative nature means we believe in teachable moments.  We’ve had some mentoring happening lately on our production floor, which is exciting.  Our seasoned potters have welcomed some new faces at the wheel as we’ve moved through our summer production season and kicked off our fall line.

Tanner has been with us for over a year now and has been guided by our legacy potters, Ric and John.  You’ll see Tanner’s handiwork in our Historical line and in many of our Ridges and Classic collection pieces.  He (and his mustache) are a great addition to our team.

Kurt has been sinking his hands into our clay this summer after recently graduating from high school where his art instructor noticed his pottery gifts.  His talents have enhanced our production pottery and we wish him well as he heads off to college this fall.

Kurt working the wheel.

Dan joined us this summer to help with production volumes.  Dan is a veteran potter with an art degree who has been throwing pottery since the 1970s.  His favorite pieces to throw on his home wheel are large platters or bowls and we love his skills on our larger crocks here at Rowe Pottery.

We treasure our legacy artisans and their experience makes the pottery we create one-of-a-kind.  We have a great mix of sage wisdom and youthful vibes here at Rowe Pottery and there are plenty of teachable moments.  Legacy leaders on our production team like Glen, Lore, Ric and John keep our pottery true to our roots as we look ahead to the next generation creating pottery for the newest generation of pottery fans.  Their decades of experience bring a depth to Rowe Pottery that we celebrate. Recent times have given us all lessons to cherish, more than we could ever learn in a classroom.  We hope that as you enjoy your Rowe Pottery, it grounds you and your home décor, provides comfort and a sense of stability and history.  For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.  Or, see our entire collection at

Simply Home: Dog Days

There’s nothing like love from “man’s best friend.”  We know so many people who have added to their dog families in the recent past and seeing people on Lake Ripley, at the park for concerts and trotting the streets of Cambridge during the summer with their fur-people makes us smile.  Since it’s August, and the “dog days” of summer, we’ve been thinking about our pups.  We were curious to learn that the phrase is actually a reference to this time when the Sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from any part of Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog.  Ancient societies referred to this time as diēs caniculārēs, or “dog days.”  And so do we.

Midsummer seems to be the perfect time to wag your tail a little slower and enjoy some simplicity at home with light meals, easy decorations and outdoor pleasures. It’s time to plan some last summer fun and sink into the warmth and wonder of the month as the earth quietly ripens and harvest time approaches. We’re savoring late summertime by lingering with a cold pitcher of lemonade or iced tea with people we love or taking a cue from our dog friends and finding a streak of sun for an afternoon nap on the porch. 

Some of us here at Rowe Pottery have said a fond farewell to our canine companions this past year.  These dogs helped us raise our kids, were loyal family confidants and soaked up lots of teenage tears, along with having a beautiful life as a loving part of our families.  We know you have a fond place in your heart for your dog, too, so we’ve come up with some personalized and creative ways to add Rowe Pottery into the life of your pet.

For a short time, we’re offering both a Classic salt glaze and drift white Ridges option for personalized dog dishes for food or water.  You enjoy mealtime with your Rowe Pottery, so why wouldn’t your pooch?  We’ll hand decorate their name or a favorite word on to their personalized dog dish.   It’s a stylish way to feed your furry family members.  Plus, all Rowe Pottery is dishwasher safe so keeping your dog dishes clean is a snap.

If you’re looking for a fun outing as summer winds down, visit our Company Store on Main Street in Cambridge for a slow stroll.  You’ll find a preview of the new Fall patterns and you can pick up a candle subscription to carry you into the next season!  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire pottery collection at

Simply Home: Living Well with Pottery

We find ourselves in “re-entry” mode as our calendars fill up a bit more and we are venturing out in ways we haven’t in a while.  Summer concerts, a gathering or two and weekend celebrations are pulling us in different directions once again.  Simply returning home for rest and repose makes us smile.  Relying on our capsule pieces brings stability and beauty throughout the entire home.  For both inside and outside living areas, Rowe Pottery adds a cozy touch that fits in with any design style, bringing warmth and texture to your home décor.  

Signature Teaberry and Bumble Bee crocks.

Start by using our Rowe pottery crocks for display or storage.  Roll newspapers, display magazines or hold kindling or long matches for functional container storage.  Traditional collectors know that a curio display of your pottery collection is a stately way to showcase your favorites while leaving it at your fingertips for daily use. We also love to see pottery collections displayed on open shelving for modern farmhouse and transitional design styles.  Nothing says modern Farmhouse style like pottery combined with natural finish wood.  And, if your main living area is a porch this time of year,  open shelving is the perfect touch.

Consider flipping your platters vertically against the back of the display to feature their designs and provide an extra layer of visual appeal. Place crocks and vessels with volume toward the center to anchor the display and vary smaller pieces in height and color to fill in the gaps.  If you like a lighter, modern style, group your pottery by color to make a statement.  For traditional decorating, mix Classic salt glaze or Provincial ash glaze.  All Rowe Pottery can be displayed together since the stoneware aesthetic unifies the display.  Be sure your shelving is secure as your pottery will be weighty!

Around the hearth or firepit, Rowe Pottery is the ideal way to incorporate some stone near the fire elements of your home.  Plus, pottery can provide an easy seasonal theme.  We’re inspired by our summer patterns right now including lemon, bumblebee, wildflower and bloom.  When you put some colorful blooms into a floral crock or vessel, the whole area lightens up.  During holiday time, simply place pine greens in your crocks and vessels make home feel cozy and bright.  For a timeless design that transcends all seasons, consider a custom or personalized crock to fit your home. Our decorator will create the design of your choice, even a photo of your home.  A custom or personalized crock also makes a meaningful wedding or anniversary gift featuring the couple’s invitation design or a Rowe Pottery pattern of your choice.

Lighting in the living room is an important capsule that brightens the area.  We have several lamp options, from decorated lamps to modern Ridges choices.  Of course, we think every living room needs a candle crock or two to add a multi-sensory lighting experience.  Our 100% soy candle crocks come in a 1.5 pint crock and burn so clean that you can reuse the crock when the candle is done.  We expect a 70-hour burn time from our candles and a key tip is to let the candle burn all the way to the edge with each burn to prevent funneling.  If you are a candle lover, choose our candle subscription to be sure that you always have a fresh Rowe Pottery candle crock ready for each season.  This year, we are featuring our Wildflower design for summer, Cider candle for fall, Holiday Holly and Simply Rowe crocks for the new year which will become favorites.  You can find our candle subscription on

Pottery adds instant earthiness, warmth and comfort to your inside living room décor. Take a look at your coffee table or larger ottoman and consider a pottery platter to collect random items into one display.  When items are placed on a platter, the eye sees them as one unit so it reduces visual clutter.  Plus, it’s a great place to put your coffee mug without needing a coaster (in case your coffee mug ever leaves your hand).  Or, serve lemonade or sweet tea to your porch guests in one of our beautiful pitchers.  Cold drinks stay even colder in our pottery.

Add vessels like vases, low bowls or our utensil jar to hold potted plants, fresh cut flowers or accents like decorative spheres and balls of yarn.  Bringing Rowe Pottery into the living areas of your home adds earthiness and handcrafted style to the areas where your family gathers most.  For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram and Facebook or explore our entire line at

Simply Home: Road Tripping

We hit a milestone the other day here at Rowe Pottery when our first post-pandemic June Dairy Month bus tour rolled into Cambridge.  We love getting ready for company!    What a breath of fresh air to have a buzz in our shop, tour guests though our manufacturing area and for our other merchant friends to also feel the excitement of out-of-town guests for the first time in over a year.  Visitors loved exploring our pottery collections, home décor items and picking up extras like soaps, candles and accessories to remember their visit to our village.  Their smiles reflected the excitement about being on an adventure.

Owner, Bev Semmann, giving a behind the scene tour.

Since most of our pottery travels outside Wisconsin’s borders thanks to our online world, we often talk to collectors from coast to coast on the phone who say that they’d love to visit if they are ever in the area.  Summer is the perfect time for travel, and our invitation is wide open to come and explore the Rowe Pottery Company Store, surrounding rural Cambridge and the Jefferson County area here in Wisconsin.

If you are planning a trip this summer,  there’s plenty to do when you arrive.  Explore Lake Ripley or the CamRock trails, enjoy a downtown concert (the Cambridge Arts Council has some fun things planned), grab lunch or a nice coffee and walk our downtown.  We’re planning our annual Maxwell Street blowout on August 6-7, 2021 where we have racks of our “seconds” and lots of visiting vendors to make your shopping experience a ball! 

This summer, you’ll find our garage doors open with a welcome ready for you.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our collections at to prepare for your visit and learn more about us.

Simply Home Styles: Transitional and Lakehouse

Here at Rowe Pottery, our hometown is located on Lake Ripley, a popular tourist and summer home destination for folks who come to enjoy one of the cleanest lakes in southern Wisconsin.  Dipping our toes in the shimmering waters, taking a spin on the boat or savoring morning coffee (in our favorite Rowe Pottery mug) while watching the sunrise over the waves brings these decorating styles to mind.

Lakehouse decorating brings a casual breath of fresh air to your home.  And, you don’t need to live on a lake to love this style!  Whether your look is coastal chic or cabin comfort, Rowe Pottery collections fill your capsule decorating with plenty of inspiration.  Our Northwoods collection is a fitting choice for cabin decorating.  There’s nothing fussy about our ash glaze pottery featuring pinetrees and pinecone designs–either as a complete collection or mixed with other pottery as accent pieces.  From full dinnerware sets to kitchen and bakeware accessories, serving up the latest catch becomes a breeze. 

For a fresh, coastal feel, mix kettle blue and drift white Ridges tableware and accessories.  The crisp colors and soft waves in the pottery amplify nautical style, just like skipping stones on top of the water.  Lakehouse style is close to our hearts since our owners, Bev and Marc, enjoy lake living when they are not managing daily operations here at Rowe Pottery and much of the photography (and baked goodies) you see in our posts are from their home and from Bev’s kitchen.

Sandstone dinner plate, mug and Farmhouse Ridges drift white bowl. In the background Farmhouse Ridges drift white short vase.

Our Ridges pottery in drift white can be a key component in transitional style as well.  With muted colors, organic textures, minimal artwork and bold comfortable furniture, transitional style is a simple but eclectic mix for easy living.  Since transitional style dances the line between traditional and modern, a table full of Ridges would be a simple choice, but we also think our Sandstone pottery really shines in transitional homes.  We offer Sandstone in two gorgeous finishes: sage and blue (which plays like a deep gray).  The polished glazeware finish of the sandstone collection gives a glossy texture that sparkles on a transitional table.  The neutral undertones of this collection and the organic elements of the glazeware finish are easy to integrate and practical for the rigor of daily use.  The two neutral sandstone colors can be collected separately, mixed with each other or blended with drift white Ridges for a custom feel.

In transitional decorating, consider using the vessel and platter capsules throughout your home.  Arrange flowers in our Ridges tall or short vases (or go bold with our utensil jar) or use the Sandstone chip and dip as a raised platter by placing the dip bowl underneath the chip platter.  Versatility is one thing we love about our handcrafted pottery! 

No matter which style brings you the simple comforts of home in the coming season, your Rowe Pottery capsule pieces will provide the perfect starting point or finishing touch.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instragram and see our entire collection at 

Simply Home: The buzz from the Queen Bee

During the summer months when the crops start emerging here in rural Wisconsin, we celebrate all things agriculture.  June is dairy month, time for the local Farmer’s Market to kick in and for long hours with plenty of daylight for our farming neighbors.  While our farm collection is the perfect rural touch to your décor and we’ve got some great plans with our pottery styles for fall harvest time, we are currently savoring our summer patterns, including our very popular Bee collection. 

Affinity for bees and bee designs has grown in the past several years.  When we learned that Cambridge native, Anna Evenson, is reigning as the 2020-2021 Wisconsin Honey Queen, we reached out for a chat to learn more from her!  Anna studies dairy science and public relations at UW Platteville, works and a local dairy and still makes time to represent the Wisconsin Honey Producers as—well–the Queen Bee. 

Honey jar and beehives on meadow in springtime.

Anna shared that one-third of our food supply requires pollination and bees handle 80 percent of that pollination work.  Bees are industrious and organized creatures with purpose in mind.  Beekeepers range from hobbyists to industrial operations.  Some people have a hive or two (Anna herself has a hive) while larger scale operations move bees around by the semi load to promote pollination in key agricultural areas.  While one bee colony can product 60 to 100 pounds of honey per year, an average worker bee makes only about 1/12 teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.  A strong, healthy hive hosts about 50,000 bees.

Wisconsin ranks 16th in honey production and we were the first state to have a honey queen program.  Most states now have a honey queen and there is a national contest in January where Anna will represent Wisconsin beekeepers.  Anna’s favorite part of her reign so far has been online classroom visits.  “I love interacting with kids who are just learning about bees.  It’s so fun when we get to start with the basics,” she says.

A closeup shot of a honey bee busy collecting nectar from African daisy flower.

Here at Rowe Pottery, we celebrate these winged wonders with our 2021 Bee Collection that includes a crock, platter, utensil jar, mug and of course, a honey pot to hold the fruits of their labor.  One of our potters, John, also happens to be a beekeeper!  We asked Anna how the average person and can help keep our bee populations healthy, which has been a recent concern in agriculture.  “Purples and pinks attract honeybees,” she shares.  “Choose to plant flowers like lilacs and lavender.” 

She also shared her motto for the year:  “Let bees be.”  She says that small honeybees don’t want to be around people and are not naturally aggressive.  They prefer to do their job and go back to the hive.  For more information on the Wisconsin Honey Producers, visit  For more pottery inspiration and to see all our summer patterns, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore