Setting the Stage for Gratitude

Transitioning the store for the holidays is a special time for our owner, Bev.  She painstakingly designs each display item by item with customers in mind with each handcrafted pottery choice, coordinating linen accessory, floral accent and sparkling ornament.

Company’s coming—not just at home, but also as we enjoy our Thanksgiving, Small Business weekend and local Cambridge Christmas with shoppers and visitors from all over the country.  It takes long hours but is a labor of love.  Bev’s mom even pitches in to expertly assemble all the Christmas trees for the store displays.  It’s a tradition and we love that here at Rowe Pottery.

Of course, as the lights go up and the glow of the season takes form inside our Company Store, it’s a time to reflect with gratitude for our loyal collectors, customers and the artisans who make our pottery possible.  We’re grateful for the shoppers who choose to intentionally purchase handcrafted local products because the people that live next door create them.  We celebrate the gift givers who work with us to create that one-of-a-kind custom or personalized piece for family members, newlyweds or to commemorate family milestones. 

You are part of our gratitude story.

Watch your email and our Facebook and Instagram pages for extra specials this Thanksgiving weekend and for inspiration with our holiday patterns. 

As a small, local business, we’re in this together. With our deepest gratitude, have a bountiful Thanksgiving.  From our hands, to your home.


Roadside Beauty

August in Wisconsin brings the promise of the coming harvest with lush fields, rows of tall corn, farm markets popping up on the corner and the beginning of sweet corn festivals.  Highway 12 is the east-west road that brings many people to quaint Cambridge, WI.  It slows, winding into our Main Street, toward our home here at Rowe Pottery on the east edge of downtown.

Our roadsides are lush with colorful native flowers this time of year with a natural mix of orange Daylilies with purple Dame’s Rocket giving us cues that the growing season is in full maturity and that it’s time to shop for school supplies. These freespirited roadside floral displays are the inspiration behind our very popular Wildflower pattern. 

Each wildflower piece is especially unique since no two Wildflower designs are the same, just like nature intended. Our decorator, Lore, has a special affinity for the Wildflower pattern and affectionately calls it “weeds.”  We think its mesmerizing to watch her work as each bloom takes shape at a natural pace in her hands.

 Our wildflower pattern dances across mugs, utensil jars, pie plates, candles, spoon rests and our versatile berry bowl.  We find Rowe Pottery fans from coast to coast enjoy this pattern all year long as part of their functional stoneware collection. It is the perfect accent pattern with our Farmhouse Ridges Denim or Drift White.  We hope you stop this season to enjoy all the wonders of nature and the bounty all around. 

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“Imperfectly Perfect” with Rowe Pottery

There’s lots of buzz in our finished goods area this week as we prepare for our annual Maxwell Street blowout sale. We’re getting ready to roll out our production carts loaded with treasures for our collectors to enjoy at our best prices of the year.  Owner Bev personally spends hours evaluating each item and design line to determine what will be included on the loaded carts.  It’s an all-hands-on-deck type of effort.

Prepping Maxwell Street Carts

While Chicago’s Maxwell Street originated in the late 1800’s as a Sunday-only flea market, Cambridge’s Maxwell Street Days is a collaboration with other Main Street businesses in our small town. Visitors enjoy food, specials and sidewalk sales during the two-day event with the most activities of Friday, August 5.  It’s lots of community fun!

You’ll find loads (literally) of intriguing items at our sale.  Since we produce hand thrown, handcrafted pottery each day, there’s natural variation in the throwing, decorating and kiln processes.  Of course, we have standard variation as a part of our line, which makes each piece one-of-a-kind.  Throwing variations and kiln character are a delightful part of the artistic process that makes each of our pieces unique.  Sometimes items vary a little beyond what we consider first quality, so we offer them at our Maxwell Street event as “seconds.”  We find some of our collectors enjoy this “imperfectly perfect” variation as much as we do, and like to hunt for their preferences.  In fact, we love hearing from those of you who make an annual trip or multi-state voyage to join the adventure.

Our creative development process also often leaves us with potter or decorator prototypes, which you’ll also find on our Maxwell Street shelves.  While these are first quality pieces, they did not end up in our production lineup, so they are truly one-of-a-kind and you won’t find these in our store any other time of the year. This year, we’re offering some stylishly retro prototypes of our Vintage Camper Van, among other things, so come and pick your favorite while they last!  Also in the first quality lineup are some of our discontinued patterns which is a great chance to grab the final run of your Rowe Pottery favorites.

We can’t wait to fling the garage doors open and be part of your pottery adventure.  Plan to join us on August 5 and 6 at our Company Store, 110 East Main St. in Cambridge beginning at 9am.  Maxwell Street specials are available in-person only (no online or call in orders, please).  If you have questions about the event, feel free to give our Customer Service line a call at 608-423-3363.  For more seasonal inspiration ahead, follow us on Instagram and Facebook or explore our entire seasonal line at

Fresh Eyes on Yellowware

We love hearing from collectors who value the heritage of our handcrafted pottery, and we know many of you appreciate historical forms and approaches to pottery.  For 2022, we’ve got fresh eyes on yellowware as an optimistic accent for the kitchen or home.    

Yellowware originated in Germany, Scotland and England in the late 18th century and came to America in the 1800s and early 1900s with those artisans.  The yellow hue, ranging from creamy to deep mustard was the product of riverside clay from New York to Ohio.  A century ago, yellowware was considered a common kitchen staple for bowls and serving pieces which is why less than 5 percent of yellowware pieces are marked for identification. 

In our 2022 Rowe Pottery Yellowware Kitchen collection, we’ve bent the rules a bit, while maintaining a traditional finish.  You’ll appreciate the soft lemony finish of our creamy yellowware with its distinctive cobalt striping and decorative accents.  You’ll see some kiln character that varies on each piece giving it a subtle lemon poppyseed coloration. We’ve created unique bakeware pieces for this collection including a pie plate and short cake crock, along with a spunky 1.5 pint candle in cinnamon vanilla for home décor.  Of course, each piece is uniquely stamped with the Rowe Pottery logo, potter’s mark and decorator’s mark.  Our crock also bears the year mark.

Crocks were traditional home staples for storage of meats, pickles and dry goods.  Using crocks for baking is a relatively modern take on a traditional form and adding in the yellowware component makes this crock exquisite.  We find that stoneware is ideal for baking because of even heat distribution and easy cleanup due to interior glazing and you can let your family recipes guide the way.  The size of this crock is perfect for artisan bread, cornbread and dump cakes.  Simply cover with a beeswax or fabric cover for baking, serving and storage in one.  If you ask Ric Lamore, one of our master potters about the cake crock (you’ll find his potter’s stamp on each piece), he’ll confirm that the cake crock an obvious choice for kitchenware since they are ideas in the oven for breads, stews and baking of all kinds. 

If you’re ready for some easy workhorse pieces for your kitchen, or as a special gift, we know you’ll love this fresh line with a nod to the past.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Inside and Out with Rowe Pottery

Few things make us smile more than a dinner table or home hearth set with beautiful Rowe Pottery, or our popular bakeware in our kitchens.  But, when it comes to sweet summertime and outdoor entertaining, we’re taking our Rowe Pottery with us outside to make patio, picnic or deck entertaining a breeze.  Time to fling the doors open and let the parties begin!

 Sturdy glazed stoneware prevents picnic flyaways and is durable for outside use.  Choose our utensil jars, or our new camper van to offer silverware at buffet time.  Weight paper napkins with a spoon rest or our new Ridges Vanity Dish to secure the stack. Grab any of our two-piece chip and dip sets to be sure your dish stays is anchored on the family reunion table. Take your chilled pie in our Rowe Pottery pie plates to retain the cold or bake your favorite family recipe for the perfect flaky crust.   For easy picnic cleanup, have a Rowe Pottery spoon rest at every crockpot for your Fourth of July gathering or family celebration, then just toss them in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.  We recommend grounding your holiday table with our Ridges Denim and Drift White for a patriotic touch.  Our summertime patterns to add whimsy to your celebration.

Our crocks make beautiful planters and front porch decorations.  We’ve had some windy storms blow through Wisconsin lately and we know our pottery can hold its own on your front porch or patio, even if you are lakeside or seaside.  Plus, since our cobalt decoration is sealed in 2000 degrees under our glaze, fading and peeling is never an issue.   Combine various patterns and finishes in groups of three for artistic displays.

Place a crock next to your fire pit or grill to keep hot tools or s’more sticks handy. What could be simpler than grabbing the hose for cleanup?  Rowe Pottery offers the ideal blend of weight, color and function for your outside cooking and entertaining.  And here’s a hot tip:  Place your Rowe Pottery charcuterie board, chip platter or bakeware in the oven at 225 degrees and add your grilled food to hold it until serving time.  It’s beauty, function and simple cleanup in

We wish you a summertime filled with great celebrations!  For more inspiration follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or explore our entire collection at

Behind the Scenes with Rowe Pottery

If you’re a fan of learning how your favorite products are made, it’s time to hit the road for a visit to Rowe Pottery. Right now, you’ll find our front garage door open with early summer breezes lofting through our Company Store.  A visit is always inspiring, but it’s especially fun when you make time for a studio tour of our production facility.  There’s so much that happens behind the scenes and we’d love for you to see us in action.  Since we moved to our integrated location at 110 E. Main Street in 2018, you can see our entire process from clay to completion in one stop.  While stoneware pottery is an ancient process, it’s a great locally-made story that we love to share with our guests. 

During your visit, you’ll learn how a mound of clay becomes greenware in the skilled hands of our potters and how that greenware moves through the decorating, finishing and glazing process.  You’ll meet our artisans and see our room-sized kiln and all the ways we finish our pottery. 

Finally, step through our finished goods shelves into the Company Store where you can make our final creations your own.  Your experience will come alive when we say “from our hands, to your home.”

Our tours are on the house since our team has a teaching heart and we really do love telling our story. We offer a standing tour every Thursday at 11 am, or email to schedule your private tour.  For more inspiration, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Trend Revivals with Rowe Pottery

It’s time for fresh eyes on our homes and gardens as we turn the page to a new season.  With spring in full swing, we’ve opened our windows Wisconsin as the birds are busy making nests and the daffodils proudly show their brief splendor.  A stroll through our Company Store here in Cambridge feels like a breath of fresh air with our new Camper van planted with succulents and the “Adventure” line in full display with Happy Camper, Compass and Adventure Awaits messages inviting us to start thinking warm thoughts.  We’ve always got our finger on the pulse of design trends and there are four things that are taking center stage as 2022 moves along:

  • A retro 70s touch.  Some of us know that the 70s was just a blink ago, but it’s back for interior design.  While we can let go of burnt orange and shag rugs, the easygoing, carefree vibe and casual ideal of the decade is influencing interior design right now.  Of course, our Vintage Camper Van is an easy throwback, and macrame, burlap and rosy warm-toned hues are other subtle ways to touch on this trend for your home in 2022.
NEW Camper Van – How will you style your camper?
  • Rounded edges.  Upgrade your coffee table, pillows, dinner accessories and accent pieces with softer rounded forms.  We think the soft impressions on our Ridges collection fit beautifully with this trend.  And, the matte finish glazes feel so special in your hand.  Check out our large serving bowl (in Drift White or Denim) for a tablescape centerpiece or stately serving dish.
  • Earth tones and natural finishes are breaking through last year’s all-white interiors.  Greens and browns are a grounding combination and our Woodland Sage dinnerware is the perfect fit.  With its sparkling finish, each piece is unique for an artisan feel on your table. 
  • We’re seeing an interest in elevating outdoor spaces as well. Casual conversation groupings and modular furniture are making outdoor spaces feel welcoming, with a “living room” vibe.  Pottery accessories are a great addition to outdoor entertaining spaces since they are wind-resistant and durable.  Plant our new Camper Van with succulents or use it for your drink accessories on the outdoor bar.  Our Company Store has a fun selection of garden accents that will bring energy to your outdoor spaces.

By replacing just a few items in your décor with updates, the entire feel of your space will be renewed for the season.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore

Forever Loved….

Here at Rowe Pottery, we’ve got a soft spot for Moms.  Whether it’s memorable treats from the kitchen, a timely hug or a special time together, Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mothers and women in our lives who serve that role. 

To honor Mom this year, our artisans developed the 2022 Mother’s Day vase with a simple shape and sentimental design.  The simple petite art deco shape of our salt glaze vase is ideal for her favorite bunch of flowers or by itself.  The “Forever Loved” hand painted design on the heart of the vase features an eternity symbol and classic Rowe Pottery decoration that will reminds us of the eternal bond between mother and child.

We’re proud to be a woman-owned business here at Rowe Pottery. Owner Bev and several staffers balance their Rowe family with their home family as we nurture creativity here and bring our handcrafted products into your home.  We know the joys and tears that come from loving deeply.  And forever.   We juggle school schedules, share crock pot meal recipes and encourage each other.  We are bonded together as we walk the journey of motherhood. 

Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy time with family, and Friends and take a moment to reflect on that “Forever Love”

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Happy Earth Day from Rowe Pottery

Earth day is close to our hearts as the wheels go round and round here at Rowe Pottery.  When you work with—well—earthen clay every day there’s a special appreciation for sustainability and grounded values that keep our planet clean and healthy. 

We take pride in our recycling and eco-friendly products and practices here.  Back in 2018, we combined our manufacturing, company store and business offices into one location to minimize transportation and create efficient production processes while staying true to the heritage of stoneware pottery.

It’s literally steps from our raw clay palettes to our finished goods shelves and Company Store where you can pick out favorite pieces for your home. We make conscious choices here to be local and sustainable, staying true to our motto:  from our hands to your home. Even our clay process is green.  When greenware forms are unused, we use a “re-mulling” process to recycle it for the next project. 

Our kilns are carefully loaded and always fired full for maximum efficiency.  Marc, our master kiln engineer and co-owner, knows how to place each item in the kiln load for the most efficient results. 

We are frequently asked if Rowe Pottery is lead-free.  We’re happy to always say “yes.”  Our products are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe since they’ve already endured our 2000 degree kiln. Plus, since our pottery is beautiful enough to go from oven to table, you save dishes (and water) with easy cleanup.

Ridges Dinnerware Collection

Recently, we’ve seen a trend away from plastic products toward sustainable items in the home and kitchen.  We’re happy to be part of the solution here with a local product that is a joy to use daily on the table and in the home.  Since stoneware is functional and beautiful, we know that when you call us to replace beloved pieces that have broken, it’s because they are in use and serving well.  When it comes to dinnerware, bakeware, serving dishes, mugs and pitchers, our handcrafted stoneware is a sensible, earth friendly choice. 

For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and explore our entire line at

Let’s Hit the Road….Introducing our Vintage Camper Van

Vintage Van Vibes

There’s nothing like hitting the open road with the windows down and the radio up.  We’ve got fond memories of past travel times lately around here.  We recall summer vacations, family travels, free spirits, and simpler times as we make plans for the summer months ahead.  It’s that yearning for a little nostalgic adventure that inspired our new Rowe Pottery Vintage Camper Bus and we’re thrilled to unveil it to our pottery fans.

Our ceramic artist, Hannah, who designed the new Camper Van spent time living off the land on an organic farm in California and fuels her inspiration by exploring the outdoors and nature.  As she refined the design of the bus, she included reminiscent details, like the “608” license plate and the Rowe Pottery stamped logo on the front.  Look carefully and you’ll see Hannah’s potter’s mark on the driver side door. 

The camper van features an open top to be functional for your home or on the road, much like the original camper busses.  Use it as a planter for pansies or succulents.  It’s the ideal height for art supplies, or to hold your dishwashing tools or snacks for the road. Fill it with your forks, spoons and knives at the summer barbeque or family reunion. 

In our casual soft matte denim, the form details take center stage, sort of like a nice pair of bell bottoms. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. The new van can be perfectly combined with our spring and summer collection that includes the “Happy Camper”, “Adventure Awaits” and “Compass” designs.

  We know you’ll have fun discovering your own mix of these collections for a lighthearted appeal by the fire or on your porch or kitchen counter as we move into the new season.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore the entire collection at

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