Simply Home: Wisconsin!

They say home is where your heart is, and here at Rowe Pottery, we give our home state lots of love.  We’re proud to be a local Wisconsin business which means we take pride sourcing our raw materials (including our clay from Paoli, Wisconsin) and store offerings from right here in our home state when we can.  Since many Rowe Pottery fans hang their hats someplace beyond our cheese-curd infused borders, we like to believe that our local, handcrafted values speak to your heart too.

Rowe Pottery Master Potter’s Rick and John along with Potter Tanner.

Some of our potters and team here at Rowe Pottery enjoy tending the garden, beekeeping, hunting mushrooms or farming chickens in their off time and some of us grew up working on the family farm.  If you make the drive to our company store in downtown Cambridge you’ll enjoy the picturesque countryside dotted with red barns and corn and bean fields.  Because we’re hands-on kinds of folks, we’ve got plenty of dairy-state-inspired pottery in our Farm Collection. From our windmill spoon rest to our two-gallon cow crock, you’ll find a little piece of rural America to add to your home décor.  We recently updated our Farm Collection with our liquid gold finish for a subtle warmth that reminds us of ripe fields of golden wheat.  This finish adds depth to any classic collection or coordinates beautifully with the dark ash glaze of our Provincial collection.

Rowe Pottery Wisconsin Candle Crock

We know you might love your home state as much as we love Wisconsin, so we offer our personalized Home State pottery collection featuring your state, too.  Enjoy the outline of your state with the name scripted across with a small red heart to make you smile.  Choose from a selection of mugs, pie plates and crocks to make it your own in our modern cream or classic salt glaze pottery.  They’re the perfect housewarming or “welcome” gift. 

Wollersheim Wine and Brandy from Prairie du Sac, Rowe Pottery Farmhouse Ridges Cocktail Glass, Cambridge and Tapped infused Syrups from Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Midwest Vodka from New Richmond, Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen Bloody Mary mix from Mineral Point , and Farmhouse Ridges Highball Glass Cambridge, Wisconsin.

Janet Marie Felted Soaps from Madison.

Soup and Dipity Soups from Black Creek, Wisconsin

We know you might love your home state as much as we love Wisconsin, so we offer our personalized Home State pottery collection featuring your state, too.  Enjoy the outline of your state with the name scripted across with a small red heart to make you smile.  Choose from a selection of mugs, pie plates and crocks to make it your own in our modern cream or classic salt glaze pottery.  They’re the perfect housewarming or “welcome” gift. 

We also celebrate the many Wisconsin businesses that create exclusive products that we share with our customers from our company store.  Stop in to find our curated collection of Wisconsin goodness including:

These treats pair beautifully with our handcrafted, locally-made pottery in our gift collections or in a collection of your own.  Plus, you’ll find plenty of inspiring Madison and Wisconsin home accents for your own kitchen or for gifts. No matter where you’re planted, we’re glad to offer our handcrafted pottery, from our hands to your home.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook or Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Simply Home: Cheers to Dad!

Whether he’s kicking back with his favorite beverage, mastering the grill or working in the yard, we appreciate all the ways that Dad brings joy to our lives.  Celebrating the father figures in our lives is one of our favorite parts of June and we have lots of ways to make him smile this year.  Since many dads love to create, fix or work with their hands, a gift that’s made right here in Wisconsin by skilled artisans is the perfect fit.  It’s why we say that a Rowe Pottery gift is “from our hands to your home.”

Home State Wisconsin mug, Rusty Dog Coffee and a coffee scoop.

We hear from our “man fans” that Rowe Pottery is a favorite Father’s Day gift!  We’ve got their perfect sturdy stoneware coffee mug, chip and dip set or grill platter (check out our ash glaze historical platter).  You can make Father’s Day gift giving a snap this year with one of our Dad-inspired gift collections at  You’ll find the “Fuel for Dad” set featuring coffee from Rusty Dog Coffee, a Wisconsin mug and a coffee scoop. 

Farmhouse Ridges Pilsner Glass, Mikes’s Country Meats Beef Jerky and beverage opener.

Or, choose our “Cheers and Beers” collection with a drift white Farmhouse Ridges pilsner glass, craft beer opener and beef jerky from Mikes’ Country Meats—just add his favorite brew and you’re set. 

Farmhouse Ridges Cocktail Glass, Carr Valley Beer Cheddar Cheese, Wollersheim Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

The “Call me Old Fashioned” collection features our Wisconsin favorite Wollersheim Old Fashioned mix, a kettle blue old fashioned cocktail glass and one our favorite freshly made cheeses from Carr Valley Cheese .  Just add your personal note and his day will be made!  How about pairing his favorite whiskey or bourbon with a set of Ridges cocktail glasses to complete his bar set?

Gone fishing mug

For the adventure-seeking dad, explore our golf, fishing and outdoor-inspired mugs in a variety of glaze styles.  Of course, we’ve got plenty of options in-store including our home state and Wisconsin collections that will have him cheering for the home team.  Let our creative staff help you put together a gift that he’ll truly appreciate.

Golfing Dad Modern Mug

We hope you have a chance to gather around the grill and toast the men who contribute in so many positive ways to our lives.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook or Instagram or check out our entire collection at  And of course, if you’re heading our way, we’d love to see you at our Rowe Pottery Company Store at 110 East Main Street in Cambridge, Wisconsin. 

Simply Home: Capsules in the Kitchen

If there’s a room in our homes where pottery finds a useful place, it’s in the kitchen.  Since Rowe Pottery endures heat of over 2000 degrees when we fire it in our kilns, it’s safe in the oven, microwave and dishwasher and it’s beautiful to take from oven to table for easy serving and cleanup.  Our five Rowe Pottery capsules are the best starting point for using our pottery in the kitchen:  crocks, tableware, platters, vessels and lighting.

Provincial crocks and Farmhouse Ridges drift white crock

Let’s begin our kitchen tour with crocks, since they were used for food storage before refrigeration.  Today, crocks can be functional for storage in the kitchen to hold rolled dishtowels, as a simple utensil jar or to keep silverware vertical on a buffet.  Whether you choose a crock from one of our collections, or choose to customize a piece in salt glaze or modern stoneware, crocks set the stage in the kitchen.  Many collectors share our pottery by giving Rowe Pottery crocks as a wedding or housewarming gift and we love filling our 1.5 pint crock with candles! 

Farmhouse Ridges Drift White Pie Plate

As we set the table and begin to cook, pottery transitions into a trusted tool.  Rowe Pottery bakeware offers a naturally non-stick glazed interior surface and cooks evenly as the pottery distributes heat for crispy crusts, consistent baking and the best results from your favorite family recipes.  From our abundant styles of pie plates to our quiche baker and covered casserole, once you bake with Rowe Pottery, you’ll grab for it again and again. 

Ridges Drift White Mini-Charcuterie Plate

For family-style serving or on your buffet table, our platters offer an abundance of versatile choices.  Our Farmhouse Ridges mini charcuterie board features soft waves to display savory or sweet treats. We offer our chip and dip sets in several collections. Having a selection of Rowe Pottery platters gives you a breadth of options when layering your table, buffet or serving stations.  Our new 2021 Historical Platter is a collector favorite with its appealing waves and soft lifted handles and it’s a special addition to your collection since it’s available for a limited time.  On your buffet, or by your stovetop, having a collection of Rowe Pottery spoon rests keeps messes at a minimum.  Simply toss them in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.  Plus, they’re a fun seasonal accent, available in multiple patterns or personalized.

Provincial Footed Bowl and Pitcher with Ridges Kettle Blue Plates

As we move to the table, mix and match our collections for an interesting table scape.  If your style is more traditional, blend Classic or Provincial with drift white Farmhouse Ridges bowls or soup bowls.  For a splash of color, add Farmhouse Ridges kettle blue to bring out the decorative flourishes on our pottery.  Mix our Sandstone collections for an eclectic feel, or go monochromatic by sticking with one style. 

When designing your centerpiece, we’ve got plenty of vessels to choose from.  Of course, crocks in various sizes can be a statement centerpiece on your farmhouse table or outside serving table.  Add height by filling a Farmhouse Ridges vase (tall or short) with farmer’s market flowers, or add faux succulents to our berry bowl for a whimsical summertime table arrangement.

Lemon Zest Candle

Our final capsule is lighting where we can choose our favorite candles to fill the room with fresh fragrance when the oven is off.  Right now, we’ve got our Lemon Zest candle with the lemon pound cake scent which is the perfect scent to fill your home with the comforts of cooking.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at

Simply Home: Wedding Wishes

Wedding ceremony ring exchange

We’re ready to pop the champagne and cut the cake because it’s wedding season!  We’ve seen lots of changes this past year in how couples approach their weddings.  Here at Rowe Pottery, we had team members who were either married or had children married during the pandemic, so we can appreciate the simplicity of an intimate wedding and the desire to celebrate with family and friends in unique ways.  We also know that couples today are making decisions to support small business with a savvy appreciation for things that are handcrafted and locally sourced.  Here in Cambridge, Wisconsin, we are happy to be a local business, sourced and manufactured right here at home.  From our Wisconsin clay to the handiwork of our potters and decorators, Rowe Pottery certainly lives up to our motto:  from our hands to your home.

Custom one gallon wedding crock.

We’ve got so many ways to celebrate with the couples in your life.  Many newlyweds receive their first piece of Rowe Pottery as a custom wedding crock, or they order their own crock to commemorate their wedding day.  The customization options are limitless, whether the couple prefers traditional gray and blue salt glaze or the more modern cream and blue finish of our glaze ware pieces.  It takes about four weeks to throw, decorate and fire a custom crock and it’s a gift with legacy value.  Custom crocks can include an image of the couple’s wedding invitation, dates and names or we have plenty of special designs to select.  We also see couples using Rowe Pottery for statement wedding centerpieces or as gifts for the bridal party or parents.  One couple we worked with recently used custom crocks as their centerpieces and gave them as gifts at the end of the night.  Our short and tall Farmhouse Ridges vases in drift white fit rustic, barn and elegant wedding themes. The soft ridges in this collection are inspired by the glacial ridges here in Wisconsin.  We work with florists locally and nationwide who tell us they appreciate arranging in Rowe Pottery.

Farmhouse Ridges Tall Cylinder Vase in Drift White with a beautiful wedding flower arrangement.

We love helping brides and grooms make selections from our collection and go beyond the typical bridal registry.  One of our favorite tableware collections for new couples is the Ridges set in drift white or kettle blue since it fits effortlessly into most decorating styles and offers timeless versatility mixed with our other pottery collections.  Mixing our pottery is the contemporary way to approach tableware, bakeware and home décor with Rowe Pottery and provides an eclectic start to the new couple’s pottery collection.  One recent bride shared that she was gifted a custom modern crock, historic yellow ware and colorful sandstone pieces for her wedding and loves how all these pieces are useful and beautiful in their new kitchen.

Farmhouse Ridges dinner plate and bowl mixed with a timeless Provincial salad plate

If you are engaged, know an engaged couple or have weddings to celebrate this summer, stop by to explore our retail store at 110 E. Main Street here in Cambridge since we also offer beautiful linens and accessories for the home (also perfect gifts).  Ask us about scheduling a personal bridal design consultation where we can explore all the Rowe Pottery options for your wedding and beyond.  We offer more home inspiration on our Facebook or Instagram feeds.  Or, explore our collections online at

Simply Home: Mixing New and Vintage Pottery

Mixing new pottery styles with vintage favorites can refresh your look and add energy to your home décor as the seasons change.  Our five core capsules are the perfect place to begin when considering how to expand your collection.  Explore crocks, vessels, platters, lighting and tableware to decide what’s next on your wish list.  We recently heard from one Rowe collector who was rethinking her dinnerware since she had recently moved.  She wanted something fresh for her new home.  We suggested adding some Ridges pieces into her set to modernize her table without letting go of the pieces she loved.  It was a beautiful compromise and gave her the updated look she was craving.

Drift White Ridges Place Setting. Dinner Plate, salad plate, cocktail glass.

Whether you are a longstanding collector, or are just beginning to create your capsules, blending styles gives you maximum flexibility to create a collection that you love. Consider referencing some art concepts when it comes to mixing the old with the new:

Line and shape – take a look at your vintage pieces.  Are they curved, straight, decorated or whimsical?  Using those cues can help add appropriate new pieces into the mix.  Make intentional choices to either echo or contrast your current shapes.  For example, adding some silo crocks with straight sides to your more whimsical designs can add stability to ground your look.  Or, consider a curved wine cooler or utensil jar to soften your aesthetic.

Texture – do you like a glossy or matte glaze on your pottery?  The salt glaze of our Classic and ash glaze of our Provincial collections are a nice compromise and we love how it feels in our hands.  Ridges drift white is a soft-feel matte while Ridges kettle blue and Sandstone are glossier, adding some sparkle to your look.

Our Classic Teaberry Utensil Jar, Pie Plate and Mug. A classic Crock created in 1982.

Color – when it comes to coordinating colors, the gray and blue of salt glaze or the earthiness of ash glaze provides a grounded neutral to build upon.  Adding pops of color with Ridges kettle blue or moraine teal breathes life into your décor.   Also consider drift white in your collection to add a break from color and give a visual breath in your display.

We love to hear from collectors who have found or inherited pieces of Rowe Pottery.  To explore the history of your piece, look next to the Rowe Pottery logo stamp on each piece.  There, you’ll find the potter’s and decorator’s marks, adding to the legacy story of each piece you collect.  Many hands touch each piece of Rowe Pottery that comes your way, from throwing or pressing to trimming, decorating, glazing, firing, finishing and shipping. All of our crocks are also stamped with the year it was thrown—kind of like a birthday!  

For more inspiration, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check out our complete line at

Simply Home: Modern and Boho Styles

Modern and Boho decorating styles might seem worlds apart, but leave it to Rowe Pottery to fit into both styles with ease.   While we know that many Rowe Pottery collectors enjoy a more traditional decorating approach, it’s fun to explore how Rowe Pottery can integrate into all styles, and we’re ready for the adventure!

Provincial Footed Bowl featured with a wicker lamp, and a natural wood candle base.

Modern style has its roots in industrial German and Scandinavian design.  Think about straight lines, beams, very few curves and bright, neutral colors with open spaces and large windows, all meant to maximize light in the space. There’s a focus on natural materials that evoke a sense of simplicity and comfort, leaving behind fussiness or fluff.  While steel, chrome and glass have a place in modern style, unpainted wood, warm metals, leather, and natural finishes keep this style from feeling cold.  And what could be more natural than pottery? 

Boho styled pillows with the Ridges Drift Pitcher and Dinner Plate

Contrasting modern style, Boho style (short for Bohemian) builds on the idea that “more is more!”  Featuring an eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures, this style appears (or is actually) curated to be a collection from all over the world.  Warm earthy colors with metallic and jewel-tone accents give life to each room. Deep browns, greens, and grays provide the backdrop for this style with accessories in saturated purple, fiery orange, and electric blue.  Try our Ridges collection in kettle blue for a vibrant accent shade.  Our Sandstone collection offers beautiful green and gray/blue undertones to ground a Boho color scheme. 

Sandstone Wine Cooler

If you are a traditional collector wanting to explore new styles, consider adding a touch of Modern or Boho into your “frosting pieces”, or into one room or area of your home.  Need some inspiration?  We’d love to see you at our retail location in downtown Cambridge, Wisconsin, so plan a visit soon!  We are open for masked shopping and you can see our artists at work through our glass windows.  Our store is filled with all kinds of ideas to fit each decorating style, including Modern and Boho. We’ve got linens, florals, accent pieces, signage, plant hangers, soaps, gifts and all kinds of accessories that coordinate with our pottery collections.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instragram and check out our entire collection at

Simply Home: Copper, Iron and Clay

One of our favorite things here at Rowe Pottery is collaborating with talented folks.  We work closely with our collectors to create your custom pieces, we collaborate as a team through the pottery production process to develop your favorites and we work with other local business owners to support our small business environment here in Cambridge and in Wisconsin.  If you browse our retail store, you’ll discover that we intentionally partner with companies that provide local products whenever possible. 

One of our recent collaborations is with Wisconsin author Sara Dahmen, founder of House Copper & Cookware, a cookware line created using natural materials with the help of local family-owned companies like Rowe Pottery.  Her book, Copper, Iron and Clay:  A Smith’s Journey launched just as the pandemic was ramping up and we’re happy to share her story as one of the only female coppersmiths in the country and her new book with you. 

In her book, Sara features Rowe Pottery and her relationship with our owner, Bev Semmann, since we collaborated to create exclusive pottery for Sara’s line.  The photography is stunning, and the book includes favorite recipes with ideas on how to choose clay cookware for your kitchen and insider tips on caring for your pieces.  While it’s packed with practical information, this book is also beautiful as a coffee table book.

While Sara admittedly left the pottery wheel behind to pursue her journey as a coppersmith and other art forms, including writing, she has great respect for master potters and the process that goes into creating handcrafted pottery.  Like Rowe Pottery, she also holds esteem for having locally-sourced clay materials and loves to support woman-run businesses.  In her book, she details the history of pottery, dating back thousands of years and she also explains the three different types of ceramics and manufacturing technologies.  On page 163 of her book Sara writes, “Clay is made from the earth, and hundreds of different elements and molecules are part of its chemical makeup…Using clay is an extension of heartfelt sincerity:  the providing of love and care for fellow human beings, whether for sustenance or faith.”

With her affinity for clay, it’s no surprise that we had instant chemistry with Sara.  In her words:  “I also received the extra gift of friendship and personal collaboration with incredibly skilled artists, all giving a little love to keeping a ten-thousand-year-old trade alive.  Priceless.”  Sara’s passion for copper and cast iron is a calling. The cookware she creates at her forge using tools and techniques from the 1700s and 1800s is absolute art and her wares have been featured in several national publications and websites including Martha Stewart, Cooking Light, Food and Wine, Veranda, Beekman 1802, Root+Bone,and Midwest Living .

You’ll find your copy of Sara’s book on our website,  Or, explore more about Sara’s cookware and process at

Simply Home: Celebrating Mom

Nobody makes home feel warmer than Mom.  As we get ready to make Mother’s Day special on Sunday, May 9, we’ve got lots of practical and thoughtful ways to simply brighten her day this year.  Whether your Mom loves to dig in the garden, light a candle, sip some wine or decorate her home, the perfect Mother’s Day gift is all about being personal and practical.

We’re full of thoughtful gift ideas for the women in your life here at Rowe Pottery, starting with our limited-edition 2021 Mother’s Day vase. This delicate coneflower pattern, hand-thrown with classic salt glaze, is sure to make her smile. The feminine fluting around the top is enchanting for the lighter summer season ahead. Give it wrapped or filled with her favorite bright bouquet.

2021 Limited edition Mother’s Day Vase

More easy favorites come from our Ridges collection.  Our Ridges vase in drift white is the perfect addition for serving lemonade, tea or sangria!  Ridges coordinates with any of our classic pottery or any home décor style and the light feel is ideal for summer entertaining.  Plus, when it’s used as a vessel (one of our decorating capsules), the Ridges vase is stunning filled with garden flowers all season long.  Speaking of decorating capsules, our mini charcuterie board in drift white can be used as a platter in the kitchen and beyond.  We love it in any room of the home, but especially when it’s filled with an array of decadent sweet treats and homemade goodies.  If Mom is a wine enthusiast, a set of our Ridges cocktail glasses with her favorite vintage is a joyful choice.  We have a great selection of Wisconsin wines in the cooler here at our retail store and we’d love to help you design the perfect combination for her.

Ridges Pitcher Drift White

For the simplest of gift giving, we’ve got four new gift collections designed with Mom in mind.  You can see them and more at  Choose from:

DIY Succulent Planter Kit–Our seasonal Wildflower berry bowl with a selection of faux succulents.  The kit includes floral foam, stones and all the items she needs to get a little crafty whether she has a green thumb or not.

Scents of Spring—A lemon twist with our handcrafted farmhouse white Ridges Candle Crock featuring lemon pound cake scent, a locally made lemongrass tea bath soap and a cheerful sprig of faux yellow florals.

Bloom Gift Collection—Celebrate your gardener with our Bloom candle and handcrafted shea butter gardener’s soap designed to soothe her senses after a day of digging in the dirt.

Sweet as Honey—“Bee” the favorite this Mother’s Day with our Honeybee pot, honey dipper and Wisconsin honey, perfect to sweeten her day! 

Of course, Mom might have a favorite Rowe Pottery collection you can build upon. If you’re local or ready for a road trip to Cambridge, Wisconsin, we’ve got even more inspiration at our retail location, including table linens, accent pillows, planters, home decor, soaps, and so much more to make your gift-giving easy. 

For more ideas, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at And, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and women who make a difference in the lives of others!

Simply Home Styles: Farmhouse and Traditional

Here in Cambridge, Wisconsin, our Rowe Pottery manufacturing, operations and retail locations are housed together in a 1920s building with plenty of historical significance as a car dealership in our rural downtown.  So, it’s no surprise that we’re big fans of the farmhouse and traditional styles since our refurbished store and workspace echo those styles every day as we create your handcrafted pottery. 

Rowe Pottery Studio

Farmhouse style features humble, hardworking materials, porches, painted wood, hardwood floors, open shelving, wood and galvanized metal.  This style is welcoming and casual, inviting visitors to take a deep breath, sip some sweet tea and linger a while.  Incorporating Rowe Pottery into this decorating style is effortless since our white Ridges collection marries beautifully with farmhouse finishes.  If your farmhouse style has a vintage feel, consider adding some Provincial or Historical pieces into the mix.  For example, our new 2021 Historical Yelloware Pitcher is a beautiful addition to a farmhouse table.  Adding Provincial bakeware and serving pieces into your collection lends the comforting texture of pottery as you create in your kitchen.  Plus, all Rowe Pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe with fridge-to-table functionality.

Open Wood Shelving with Pipes lends itself to Farmhouse Styling

Our research shows that about half of Rowe Pottery collectors identify most with the traditional decorating style.  Comfortable furniture, classic designs and casual décor with warm colors and symmetrical lines outline this style.  Furniture is plush and soft, and many times furniture is displayed in predictably appealing sets. Traditional style is a look that you can count on as it incorporates design elements from a variety of centuries, allowing homeowners to feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.  Rowe Pottery’s Provincial and Classic pottery both speak to this style and our 2021 Historical Collection is especially fun for traditional decorators.  Consider adding our 2021 Historical Beehive Canister to your décor, or the versatile 2021 Historical Brie Baker, which fits into any room of your home.

Traditional Grouping to add a Pop of Color

For collectors who want to add a touch of modern with their traditional mix, we find that the Ridges collection in drift white or kettle blue marries with our Classic and Provincial choices, providing an upbeat addition to every collection. Add kettle blue salad plates or bowls to your Classic table setting to bring out the decorator’s detailing and see for yourself how our pottery styles mix to become even more beautiful together.

Both farmhouse and traditional decorating styles can be mixed and built upon as your pottery collection evolves.  Using our Capsule Decorating approach, curating your collection of crocks, lighting, vessels, platters and tableware makes remixing your classics a joy.  Add finishing touches like fabrics and florals as the icing on the cake.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check out our entire line at  And remember to stop by for some inspiration (and to say “hello”) next time your road trip brings you our way.

Simply Home: The Bounty of Brunch

Gathering our families around a brunch spread lends itself to holiday entertaining and precious times that we’ve missed in the past year.   As spring and summer holidays approach, we love ideas that get us ready for the best of family entertaining!

            Dating back to 19th Century England, brunch became popular in the United States in the 1930s as a social mid-morning gathering. When planning your brunch menu, select a diverse selection including fresh produce, protein sources, sweets and charcuterie.  Consider kabobs and pre-portioned options like fruit cups along with family-style dishes like egg bakes and quiches.  Plan items that can be kept warm in the oven and avoid foods like pancakes and omelets that will keep you in “short order cook” mode.  For simple entertaining, plan 80 percent of your menu to be cold and 20 percent hot.

Give yourself a stress-free brunch morning by handling most of the preparations the day before (that’s one reason we love brunch!)  Cut fruit and veggies and store them in Rowe Pottery serving bowls covered with plastic wrap so they are ready to slip onto the table. 

Prepare your casseroles, decorate and lay out the buffet table or serving stations including your linens, platters, trays, utensil jars and vases.  Have the coffee pot ready to brew and arrange your plates, napkins and glasses. 

Professional banquet managers always recommend placing plates at the front of the buffet and cutlery at the end.  Or, consider serving stations in various locations for beverages, desserts, proteins/cheese and pastries to spread out your crowd.  If your buffet table is against a wall, be sure to plan a creative backdrop celebrating your event (Mirrors, artwork, balloons or a beaded curtain are great options).

Rowe Pottery fits practically into your brunch plan since our pieces can move from fridge to oven to table.  We have a generous selection of platters at various heights and styles.  Our footed Provincial bowl offers instant height to the buffet table.  Or, invert a bowl under any of our platters to create varied heights.  Our chip/dip platters can be used for fruit, cheese, charcuterie or sliders.  Choose our generous deep dish baker for cheesy potatoes or egg bake.  Our quiche dish, dip baker and various pie plates easily cover your oven-to-table needs.  Plus, all Rowe Pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe (and naturally non-stick) for easy prep, serving and cleanup.

Get creative with your food display and add texture and color to your table by mixing and matching your Rowe Pottery serving pieces.  We love how our Ridges selections in blue and white mix with our Classic and Provincial collections.  Our mixing bowls are great for food prep and serving, and we especially enjoy our petite Wildflower Berry Bowl and our larger 12-inch Lemon Zest Serving Bowl, which are new for spring and summer.  While your food will be the centerpiece of your buffet or food station, a few simple flowers placed low on the table add a colorful touch.

The morning of brunch, keep hot foods ready by turning your oven to 200 degrees and holding the dishes until guests are ready to be served.  Most people want to gather, grab a drink and have some great conversation before diving into the food.  Plus, it’s your chance to relax and enjoy with them!  Serve mimosas, orange juice, cold water, ginger ale and coffee.  Check out our new 2021 Historical Yelloware Pitcher for the perfect statement pitcher for serving a crowd. Be sure to have stacks of plates and napkins, along with plenty of trash receptacles ready for easy serving and cleanup. 

However you gather your family for the coming season, we’re glad to be part of the preparation and enjoyment.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or explore our entire collection at