Simply Home: Capsules in the Kitchen

If there’s a room in our homes where pottery finds a useful place, it’s in the kitchen.  Since Rowe Pottery endures heat of over 2000 degrees when we fire it in our kilns, it’s safe in the oven, microwave and dishwasher and it’s beautiful to take from oven to table for easy serving and cleanup.  Our five Rowe Pottery capsules are the best starting point for using our pottery in the kitchen:  crocks, tableware, platters, vessels and lighting.

Provincial crocks and Farmhouse Ridges drift white crock

Let’s begin our kitchen tour with crocks, since they were used for food storage before refrigeration.  Today, crocks can be functional for storage in the kitchen to hold rolled dishtowels, as a simple utensil jar or to keep silverware vertical on a buffet.  Whether you choose a crock from one of our collections, or choose to customize a piece in salt glaze or modern stoneware, crocks set the stage in the kitchen.  Many collectors share our pottery by giving Rowe Pottery crocks as a wedding or housewarming gift and we love filling our 1.5 pint crock with candles! 

Farmhouse Ridges Drift White Pie Plate

As we set the table and begin to cook, pottery transitions into a trusted tool.  Rowe Pottery bakeware offers a naturally non-stick glazed interior surface and cooks evenly as the pottery distributes heat for crispy crusts, consistent baking and the best results from your favorite family recipes.  From our abundant styles of pie plates to our quiche baker and covered casserole, once you bake with Rowe Pottery, you’ll grab for it again and again. 

Ridges Drift White Mini-Charcuterie Plate

For family-style serving or on your buffet table, our platters offer an abundance of versatile choices.  Our Farmhouse Ridges mini charcuterie board features soft waves to display savory or sweet treats. We offer our chip and dip sets in several collections. Having a selection of Rowe Pottery platters gives you a breadth of options when layering your table, buffet or serving stations.  Our new 2021 Historical Platter is a collector favorite with its appealing waves and soft lifted handles and it’s a special addition to your collection since it’s available for a limited time.  On your buffet, or by your stovetop, having a collection of Rowe Pottery spoon rests keeps messes at a minimum.  Simply toss them in the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.  Plus, they’re a fun seasonal accent, available in multiple patterns or personalized.

Provincial Footed Bowl and Pitcher with Ridges Kettle Blue Plates

As we move to the table, mix and match our collections for an interesting table scape.  If your style is more traditional, blend Classic or Provincial with drift white Farmhouse Ridges bowls or soup bowls.  For a splash of color, add Farmhouse Ridges kettle blue to bring out the decorative flourishes on our pottery.  Mix our Sandstone collections for an eclectic feel, or go monochromatic by sticking with one style. 

When designing your centerpiece, we’ve got plenty of vessels to choose from.  Of course, crocks in various sizes can be a statement centerpiece on your farmhouse table or outside serving table.  Add height by filling a Farmhouse Ridges vase (tall or short) with farmer’s market flowers, or add faux succulents to our berry bowl for a whimsical summertime table arrangement.

Lemon Zest Candle

Our final capsule is lighting where we can choose our favorite candles to fill the room with fresh fragrance when the oven is off.  Right now, we’ve got our Lemon Zest candle with the lemon pound cake scent which is the perfect scent to fill your home with the comforts of cooking.  For more inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or explore our entire collection at

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