Simply Home: Wedding Wishes

Wedding ceremony ring exchange

We’re ready to pop the champagne and cut the cake because it’s wedding season!  We’ve seen lots of changes this past year in how couples approach their weddings.  Here at Rowe Pottery, we had team members who were either married or had children married during the pandemic, so we can appreciate the simplicity of an intimate wedding and the desire to celebrate with family and friends in unique ways.  We also know that couples today are making decisions to support small business with a savvy appreciation for things that are handcrafted and locally sourced.  Here in Cambridge, Wisconsin, we are happy to be a local business, sourced and manufactured right here at home.  From our Wisconsin clay to the handiwork of our potters and decorators, Rowe Pottery certainly lives up to our motto:  from our hands to your home.

Custom one gallon wedding crock.

We’ve got so many ways to celebrate with the couples in your life.  Many newlyweds receive their first piece of Rowe Pottery as a custom wedding crock, or they order their own crock to commemorate their wedding day.  The customization options are limitless, whether the couple prefers traditional gray and blue salt glaze or the more modern cream and blue finish of our glaze ware pieces.  It takes about four weeks to throw, decorate and fire a custom crock and it’s a gift with legacy value.  Custom crocks can include an image of the couple’s wedding invitation, dates and names or we have plenty of special designs to select.  We also see couples using Rowe Pottery for statement wedding centerpieces or as gifts for the bridal party or parents.  One couple we worked with recently used custom crocks as their centerpieces and gave them as gifts at the end of the night.  Our short and tall Farmhouse Ridges vases in drift white fit rustic, barn and elegant wedding themes. The soft ridges in this collection are inspired by the glacial ridges here in Wisconsin.  We work with florists locally and nationwide who tell us they appreciate arranging in Rowe Pottery.

Farmhouse Ridges Tall Cylinder Vase in Drift White with a beautiful wedding flower arrangement.

We love helping brides and grooms make selections from our collection and go beyond the typical bridal registry.  One of our favorite tableware collections for new couples is the Ridges set in drift white or kettle blue since it fits effortlessly into most decorating styles and offers timeless versatility mixed with our other pottery collections.  Mixing our pottery is the contemporary way to approach tableware, bakeware and home décor with Rowe Pottery and provides an eclectic start to the new couple’s pottery collection.  One recent bride shared that she was gifted a custom modern crock, historic yellow ware and colorful sandstone pieces for her wedding and loves how all these pieces are useful and beautiful in their new kitchen.

Farmhouse Ridges dinner plate and bowl mixed with a timeless Provincial salad plate

If you are engaged, know an engaged couple or have weddings to celebrate this summer, stop by to explore our retail store at 110 E. Main Street here in Cambridge since we also offer beautiful linens and accessories for the home (also perfect gifts).  Ask us about scheduling a personal bridal design consultation where we can explore all the Rowe Pottery options for your wedding and beyond.  We offer more home inspiration on our Facebook or Instagram feeds.  Or, explore our collections online at

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