Simply Home: Mixing New and Vintage Pottery

Mixing new pottery styles with vintage favorites can refresh your look and add energy to your home décor as the seasons change.  Our five core capsules are the perfect place to begin when considering how to expand your collection.  Explore crocks, vessels, platters, lighting and tableware to decide what’s next on your wish list.  We recently heard from one Rowe collector who was rethinking her dinnerware since she had recently moved.  She wanted something fresh for her new home.  We suggested adding some Ridges pieces into her set to modernize her table without letting go of the pieces she loved.  It was a beautiful compromise and gave her the updated look she was craving.

Drift White Ridges Place Setting. Dinner Plate, salad plate, cocktail glass.

Whether you are a longstanding collector, or are just beginning to create your capsules, blending styles gives you maximum flexibility to create a collection that you love. Consider referencing some art concepts when it comes to mixing the old with the new:

Line and shape – take a look at your vintage pieces.  Are they curved, straight, decorated or whimsical?  Using those cues can help add appropriate new pieces into the mix.  Make intentional choices to either echo or contrast your current shapes.  For example, adding some silo crocks with straight sides to your more whimsical designs can add stability to ground your look.  Or, consider a curved wine cooler or utensil jar to soften your aesthetic.

Texture – do you like a glossy or matte glaze on your pottery?  The salt glaze of our Classic and ash glaze of our Provincial collections are a nice compromise and we love how it feels in our hands.  Ridges drift white is a soft-feel matte while Ridges kettle blue and Sandstone are glossier, adding some sparkle to your look.

Our Classic Teaberry Utensil Jar, Pie Plate and Mug. A classic Crock created in 1982.

Color – when it comes to coordinating colors, the gray and blue of salt glaze or the earthiness of ash glaze provides a grounded neutral to build upon.  Adding pops of color with Ridges kettle blue or moraine teal breathes life into your décor.   Also consider drift white in your collection to add a break from color and give a visual breath in your display.

We love to hear from collectors who have found or inherited pieces of Rowe Pottery.  To explore the history of your piece, look next to the Rowe Pottery logo stamp on each piece.  There, you’ll find the potter’s and decorator’s marks, adding to the legacy story of each piece you collect.  Many hands touch each piece of Rowe Pottery that comes your way, from throwing or pressing to trimming, decorating, glazing, firing, finishing and shipping. All of our crocks are also stamped with the year it was thrown—kind of like a birthday!  

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